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The Mission: Steal a sentient diamond figurine

The Team: a lockpicking squirrel, a larcenous raccoon, a soft-spoken porcupine, and a mage’s red panda familiar

No resources? No opposable thumbs? No problem for this band of furry thieves.

*This story is set after the events of Red Pandamonium, the first Chaos Menagerie novel, but stands on its own.

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Vampire’s Grimoire

Book 4 in the Changing Bodies Series

Out now!

First in a series

“This book had me hooked from page one.”

Moth Larson, 5 star review

“If you like vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures, this is a must read.”

Maryann, Liminal Fiction Reviewer

An urban fantasy thriller with a trans-masc protagonist

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